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Mental Health Declassified Family


"In the past year Mental Health Declassified has opened my eyes to how many young people and professionals in the world are serious about fighting the stigma of mental health. It's ok to not feel ok, and MHD has shown me that in the greatest ways"

Bryce Boggs

"Mental Health Declassified has reminded me it's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to have good days, bad days, or indifferent days, Mental Health Declassified has reminded me to make myself"

Brandon Howard

“Mental Health Declassified has shown me that it is okay to ask for help, holding it all in isn’t good for you and it’s good to express what you are going through so you can get the help you need.”

Jerome Cunningham

"I support and will ALWAYS support MHD. They are absolutely amazing humans with pure souls that do so much to help everyone. They have helped me and my family so much, they gave us so much support when we lost two family members and I’m forever grateful. They also help me every single day with their positive message and tips and tricks. They remind me that I am human and it is ok to feel."

Jackie Silva

"Mental Health Declassified has done so much for me this past year. They reminded me that its ok to talk about Mental Health and not feel any shame. To remember we are not alone in this and that its okay to need one another. To keep moving forward
and keep talking"

Lee Scudo

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