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Francesca Corsinetti, OTD

I was a collegiate athlete at Simmons University and am now a coach for a high school girls basketball team in Rhode Island.



To me, addressing mental health means taking care of your overall well-being. Mental health correlates with physical, emotional, behavioral, and social health. These components of health need to be in harmony so that an individual can be their best self. Overall, I believe mental health is talked about and addressed the least, yet is one of the most important factors to engage in life to the full potential. Once mental health is in check, everything else can fall into place and individuals can achieve their best quality of life.

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The Sports OT started in 2022 to support current and former athletes of all ages, mental and physical abilities, and backgrounds in addressing the mental health struggles that come with being an athlete. The mission of The Sports OT is to address mental health, along with emotional, social, behavioral, and physical needs holistically to allow for positive re-engagement in meaningful occupations.

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